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• High school players must not be 19 years old on or before September 1st, for the

season of play.

• Junior high players (5th – 8th grade) must not be older than 14 years old on or be-
fore September 1st, for the season of play.


EVAC is a sports association for homeschooled students. A homeschooled student is defined by Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 15-802 as a student who attends a nonpublic school conducted by the parent, guardian, or other person who has custody of the student, or nonpublic instruction provided in the student’s home.


• Dual-enrollment classes taken by high school students at colleges or technical training programs do not interfere with EVAC eligibility.
• Pursuant to state law, virtual charter school students (public-school-at-home) are not homeschoolers.

• Hybrid private schools in which students attend both on campus and at home part-time (e.g., 3 days and 2 days) are not considered homeschoolers.

• While legally distinct from traditional homeschooling, ESA (Empowerment Scholarship Account) contract students who are homeschooled are eligible for participation in EVAC. (EVAC cannot receive ESA funding however)

• Parents must be able to submit an Arizona homeschool affidavit or ESA contract to homeschool upon request.

• Homeschool education is distinct from other school options because the educational experience is directed by parents, and it is the parents who issue the



If requested, parents must be prepared to:
• verify the student-athlete is passing current classes
• submit a current schedule of classes or course of study

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