EVAC Homeschooled Student-Athlete Age requirements:  

Varsity and junior varsity players cannot be 19 on or before September 1st, for the season of play.

Junior high players must be 14 on September 1st, for the season of play.

Further, there is a four-year maximum eligibility for high school sports, including both varsity and junior varsity players, beginning their freshman year.


EVAC is a sports association for homeschooled students. A homeschooled student is defined by EVAC as a student whose total educational experience is directed by their parents. In addition, the following eligibility statements are from the Canyon Athletic Association (AZCAA.com) to which EVAC belongs: 1. Student-athletes for EVAC must take no less than 51% of their schooling through the homeschool curriculum. 2. Of that 51%, students must be enrolled in 3 core classes in order to be considered eligible to play for EVAC. [Core classes are defined as Math, Reading, Grammar, Science, and Social Studies] 3. In a homeschooled student-athlete’s last year of high school, they are only required to take as many classes as necessary to complete their graduation requirements to be considered eligible for EVAC sport programs.


Virtual charter school students (public-school-at-home) are not considered homeschoolers as defined by state statute or by the program itself. ESA contract students (Empowerment Scholarship Account) are also not considered homeschoolers as classified by state statute and as defined by the program itself.


The EVAC Board of Directors, charter schools, and the community college system recognize that high school students may earn both high school and college credit when enrolled in college classes (http://www.mc.maricopa.edu/students/dual/pdfs/DEInstructionPacket.pdf). All college classes a homeschool student takes through their homeschool direction may be counted toward homeschool credit to fulfill eligibility CAA requires as an EVAC homeschool student. NOTE: The situation is similar for a student attending a CAA affiliated charter school and taking college class through the charter school. Therefore, college credits taken through a charter school are counted as high school credits from that charter school and may not be counted toward total homeschool credits for the purpose of determining eligibility for EVAC.


While EVAC is a sports association for homeschooled students, the Board of Directors is also very much aware of the scholastic needs of our homeschooled students. Therefore, the academic eligibility requirements for EVAC homeschooled student-athlete are stated as follows:


1. All EVAC student-athletes must maintain a passing performance in all classes of study.


2. In the event any EVAC student-athlete’s performance is less that passing, there must be improvement within 30 days to prevent suspension from participating in    any EVAC sports program.


3. Should such student-athlete fail to comply with the required improvements within the 30-day period, such student athlete will be suspended from playing in all EVAC sports programs until the grade(s) are brought up to a passing mark.


4. If such a suspension occurs, there will be no refund of any unused sports program fees that may have been paid by the student-athlete.

If you have any questions regarding EVAC's eligibility requirements, please Contact Us.