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Help create an interscholastic athletic experience for over 200 homeschool children in 2023/2024.

All of your donations will go toward creating an interscholastic athletic experience for homeschool children in Arizona, with the goal of using athletics to encourage the hearts and minds of the participating youth in the love and likeness of Christ.

a worthy cause

Homeschooling is a wonderful option for many families in Arizona. It allows parents to create a customized education that fits their child's individual needs and family values.

The problem is, there are some valuable traditional school experiences that homeschooled children can miss out on. East Valley Athletes for Christ fills those gaps by creating a traditional interscholastic athletic experience for homeschooled kids! Through EVAC homeschoolers can build lifelong friendships with like-minded teammates and compete against other schools.


the financial challenge

Unlike public schools, East Valley Athletes for Christ doesn't receive state funding to support its athletic program. Additionally, home-schooled children don't have access to the athletic facilities typically found in traditional schools. As a result, EVAC families have to fund their own athletic experience.

Your generous donations play a crucial role in providing the necessary facilities, equipment, travel expenses, and other essential items required to run a successful interscholastic athletic program for homeschooled students.


Fiscally responsible

Donors are often concerned about the responsible use of their donated funds.  With the oversight of a board of directors and a finance committee headed by a treasurer, EVAC is highly efficient when it comes to managing finances. Here is a quick snapshot of some of EVAC's statistics/costs for the 2022/2023 year:


  • Number of individual teams: 22

  • Number of individual EVAC athletes: 183

  • Uniform & Equipment costs:  $1,775

  • CAA League/Referee fees: $30,618

  • Facility rental costs:  $38,842 

  • Tournament Fees: $11,000

  (Dollar amounts are approximate)​


The entire athletic program is able to operate on an average budget of $120,000. Every board member, coach, and coordinator is a volunteer parent. This means your donations go directly to items and resources that make a direct impact on the kids!


A winning culture

EVAC's definition of winning goes beyond traditional measures. While we certainly achieve victories on the field of play, with a large percentage of our 22 teams participating in post-season play and winning twenty one state championships in our history, our true success lies in fulfilling our mission statement. 


Throughout the 2022/2023 school year 183 athletes exemplified Christ while participating in athletic competition. Each one of them was encouraged to play “For His Glory” and grow in their love and likeness of Christ.

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