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become a coach

Current EVAC head and assistant coaches are volunteer parents, alumni, or community members from the greater Phoenix area.  All coaches are required to complete the courses/background checks required by the Canyon Athletic Association (CAA). This includes a NFHS or PCA coaching certification, first aid and concussion course, and protection from abuse course. Per the CAA, coaches must be high school graduates and clear background checks. Our coaches sign and agree to our statement of faith and must be in good standing in their community and church body.  EVAC requires each team to have a head and assistant coach.


If you are interested in coaching with EVAC, you may complete an application and turn it into the athletic director at any time whether a position has been posted or not. 


Each coaching position is not officially opened to the public every year since some coaches will coach with EVAC for consecutive years. EVAC does seek to give parents and alumni in particular coaching opportunities if they would like them however.  Once an application is received, the athletic director will let the applicant know whether the Team and Coach Management committee is considering applicants for that team. 

All head coaching applicants must interview with the Team and Coach Management committee or committee members. Assistant Coach selection procedures vary depending on the situation.  All applicants whether head or assistant coaches will need to complete the CAA requirements prior to beginning their position. These requirements include but are not limited to: 

1.  Take a coaching certification course.

2.  Complete the required CAA/Barrow Brainbook Course.

3.  Complete the NFHS First Aid, Health & Safety Course (head coach only).  

4.  Complete the NFHS Protecting Students from Abuse (Head Coach Only) ( New Requirement) 

5.  Graduate from High School and possess fingerprints/background check (depending on organizational requirements).

If you have further questions about coaching please contact us.

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