Registration for fall sports must be completed in Gamesource prior to tryouts.  

The CAA has launched a new website and software (Gamesource) for scheduling, registration, and game management.  EVAC registration will be conducted through this site.  Please be patient as we go through this process.  The good news is families will enjoy their own dashboard featuring their athletes and team rosters, schedules, and calendar which can be integrated into their own personal calendars!  Yes - you will need to locate and upload a few documents again this year.  


Please pay close attention to the instructions below prior to following the link to register.


**BEFORE starting the registration process, gather your necessary documents or retrieve your uploaded documents from RMA**


- login to RMA

- Choose Athlete Information

- Select the athlete

- Change the “season date” to 2019-20

- Choose a sport registration from last year

- Click on Physical documents

- Click the document you need (Birth Certificate, concussion form, and physical form)

- View upload

- Download and save to your desktop for Gamesource


Follow the link and set up your parent login: GAMESOURCE REGISTRATION LINK:


1.  In order for you to receive immediate and automatic game change information, PLEASE enter your      cell phone number and carrier info when prompted!


2.  We encourage you to also set up the optional athlete login for your older athletes if you would like        them to receive automatic game/event notifications.  


3.  If you have more than one athlete to register:  Upon completion of first registration, return to the live      link in this email and re-click. This will enable you to re-enter the system as an established user and        “start a new registration.” Then, when you click “Add Athlete” you will be able to create a                second athlete. Going forward, you will be able to simply select from your list of athletes who you          would like to register. 


4.  If you do not finish your registration in one sitting, your information will be saved for you to finish          later. Registration must be complete to tryout.


5.  Fees will be announced per sport after we know team sizes.


6.  Physicals:  


A.  Returning EVAC athletes:  The CAA has waived a physical for returning athletes this year if the            athlete has one on file.  Something must be uploaded in this section of the registration so please do      one of the 2 following options:  


- Login to your RMA account, select last year’s season and     

 download your physical form to re-upload on Gamesource.

- Upload a picture of a piece of paper simply stating:  “Submitted in 2019-20”


B.  New EVAC Athletes:  We must have a physical on file for you. Please use the link given in the              registration to download this year’s form and complete your physical prior to tryouts.


7.  Grade declaration:  Please note that once you enter a grade of 9th grade and above, you are            declaring your child a high school student and their four years of eligibility begins.  Enter the same        graduation date you have indicated on a past grade declaration form.  9th graders ARE NOT            eligible for JH sports. 


8.  Concussion certificates:  Each athlete must complete the concussion course one time in JH and one        time in HS.  A link is provided to fulfill this requirement or to help  you login and retrieve your            certificate (it can also be found in RMA).


If you have questions or need assistance with your registration please contact Robin McAvoy (Registration Administrator) at or (602) 391-6215


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