How Can I Help?

East Valley Athletes for Christ (EVAC)

1 Corinthians 10:31b

                       …do it all for the glory of God.  (New Website)


Opportunities to Serve

East Valley Athletes for Christ is an organization that is dependent on volunteer help from participating families.  Below is a list of service opportunities and brief descriptions of each.  If you would like to help please contact any one of the Board Members listed on the “EVAC Board of Directors” link on the new website.

Athletic Director in Training (Transition to Athletic Director)


Significant need exists for an Athletic Director in Training who can work with David Weiss during the upcoming season.  The intent will be for this volunteer to serve as Athletic Director for the 2015/2016 season.  The Athletic Director position is one of the most important positions on the Board, and without additional volunteers, the EVAC program simply cannot exist.


Specific Need:  Athletic Director in Training

EVAC School Year Kick-Off Event


One new idea received by the Board this year has been to schedule a kick-off event for all EVAC families during the month of September or Early October prior to the start of basketball season.  Planning and coordination of this event would include identification of event location, date & time so as not to conflict with volleyball and football schedules, event advertising (e-mail blasts through Athletic Director, Facebook, flyers, etc.),  coordination of food in a potluck format, follow-up reminders, and creation of an agenda for the event itself, if any.  

Specific Need: None at this time.  Tracy Miller and Heidi Landis have volunteered to coordinate this year’s event.



Fundraising effort involves working with individual teams to identify fundraising opportunities and solicitation of volunteers to coordinate/take ownership of each.  Examples of fundraising opportunities in previous years have been the following:

  • Jamba Juice
  • Fry’s Cards
  • Car Washes
  • Restaurants
  • AmazonSmile (Needs to be researched)
  • Basketball Concessions
  • Old School vs Homeschool Concessions (new opportunity)


It is also permissible to organize fundraising events that are non-team focused in which proceeds are deposited in the General Fund

Specific Need:  Volunteer to coordinate fundraising opportunities with individual volunteers.

Uniform Management


Uniform Management includes creation of an inventory system for all EVAC purchased uniforms including but not limited to team identification, uniform number, assignment of uniform to EVAC player, condition of uniform, storage location, uniform disbursement and collection process, verification of deposit collected and returned to EVAC player.  Additional responsibilities include collaboration with team coach at the end of each season to ascertain condition of uniforms and need to replace, and reporting to Athletic Director concerning same.

Specific Need:  Volunteer for Uniform Management

Fan Gear/Shirts


Coordination of fan gear/shirts includes the design, selling, ordering, collection of funds, and distribution of orders.  Coordination also includes same for basketball practice shirts and California Tournament t-shirts.  Close coordination with EVAC treasurer for invoice submission is required.

Specific Need:  None at this time.  Heidi Landis has volunteered for this service opportunity.



Send out e-mail blasts as approved and Directed by the Athletic Director and coaches.  Monitor website and make periodic enhancements.

Specific Need: None at this time.  Lonnie Clardy has volunteered for this service area.

Professional Pictures for Basketball


Utilize EVAC sources for professional pictures.  Coordinate date and schedule teams for professional picture taking.

Specific Need: None at this time.  Debbie Frazey has volunteered for this service area.



Coordinate advertising of EVAC events and opportunities with various homeschool publications, EVAC website, and other advertising venues.

Specific Need: None at this time.  Tonya Davidsaver has volunteered for this area of service.

End of year Banquet


Utilize Matrix of Responsibilities to solicit parental help for the planning and carrying out of the end of year banquet.  See matrix for list of specific items.

Specific Need: Volunteer to coordinate needs related to end of year banquet.

Picture and Video Team Support


Solicit support for individual team photo and video services.  Make available to developer of end of year video production.

Specific Need: Volunteer for pictorial and video development throughout the season.

End of Year Banquet Video Production


Includes developing end of year Banquet video production highlighting individual teams and team accomplishments.  Also includes coordination with picture and video support coordinator for pictures and video that could be incorporated into production.

Specific Need: Coordinator for end of year banquet video production.

Old School vs Homeschool Coordination


Coordinate venue, date, and time for old school vs homeschool games.  Also includes promotion through email blasts and other available communication resources, as well as coordination with fundraising leader to take advantage of concessions opportunity.

Specific Need: Coordinator for old school vs homeschool night.

Basketball Senior Night


Basketball senior night coordination includes confirmation of date to align with game schedule, developing list of graduating seniors, program development, purchase of flowers, identify photographer, and make presentations.

Specific Need:  Basketball senior night coordinator.

Data/Records Manager


Review existing EVAC documentation and creation of organized method/structure to electronically store existing and future EVAC documentation.

Specific Need:  Volunteer to serve as data/records manager.