Code of Conduct

We believe that athletic competition should demonstrate high ethics and sportsmanship and promote the development of practical biblical character and life skills. We believe that the highest potential of sports is achieved when each player is committed to pursuing victory with honor through biblical character. This code applies to all student athletes and parents. These qualities include but are not limited to: integrity, honesty, reliability, loyalty, respect for others, self-control and encouragement toward all team mates, coaches, parents, officials, opposing teams and any others. Students and parents that continuously conduct themselves in a way that reflects negatively on the team or organization could be dismissed from participating.

Violations of the EVAC Code of Conduct will be judged and managed by the person most directly in the line of authority to the violator.  Coaches and parents are the authority in situations that involve players. Situations that are especially egregious or that are brought
to the attention of the EVAC Board of Directors by an EVAC member will be judged and managed by the Board of Directors.