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Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball

Varsity Boys, JV Boys, Junior High Boys

Season: October- March

Tryouts for sports are typically 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the season and there are often conditioning camps available 1-2 months prior.

Cost: Approximately  $450-500 (Varsity) $350-400 (JV) $275-300 (JH)

Note: All costs below are approximate and can vary from year to year as they are variable costs that we cannot control.  We try to keep them as close to the identified range as possible.

Ages: Varsity (high school), Junior High: 14 and under


To receive information about EVAC Teams, please sign up for the Newsletter on the front page of our website. We communicate all events, including tryouts and camps through email.

For questions about our Boys Basketball Program, please contact us.


Varsity Boys 2016

Junior Varsity Boys 2016 (Team One)

Junior Varsity Boys 2016 (Team Two)

Junior High Blue 2016

Junior High Silver 2016

Boys Basketball Junior High Rosters


Here are the rosters for the Boys Basketball Junior High teams.


EVAC JH Boys Blue Roster

  • Josh Bedenkop
  • Ethan Bernard
  • Carson Carpenter
  • Caleb Fender
  • Jacob Glandon
  • Noah Judy
  • Jay Morales
  • Brayden Nail
  • Michael Nevlins
  • Jordon Rodgers
  • Miles Spencer
  • Hayden Siroky


EVAC JH Boys Silver Roster

  • Caleb Bedenkop

  • Andrew Brannon

  • Jalon Calderon

  • Josh Canode

  •  Zech Davidsaver

  • Ben Keller

  • Dylan Larson

  • Lincoln Leavitt

  • Ezekial Loy

  • Mark Mosiman

  • Payton Spencer

  • Colby Swallow


EVAC Boys Basketball High School Rosters

Here are the rosters for the Boys Basketball High School teams.


The rosters for the Girl’s teams and the Boy’s Junior High teams will be posted this weekend.


If your child will be a member of an EVAC basketball team, please make sure to come to the parents meeting on Tuesday November 1 at 8:00 PM at Sovereign Grace Church.



EVAC Varsity Boys Roster


  • Garrett Benard
  • Jon Caldwell
  • Josiah Caldwell
  • Ben Davidsaver
  • Jesse Friedman
  • Chris Gallegos
  • Kaleb Leon
  • Cole Michaels
  • Morgan Rapp
  • Marcus Ruiz
  • Jacob Siroky



EVAC JV1 Boys Roster


  • Tyler Ardiles
  • Zach Ardiles
  • Isaiah Carter
  • Ian Cary
  • Cayman Fender
  • Joe Lowery
  • Daniel Keller
  • Jesse Kisiel
  • Jace Malm
  • Ryan Miller
  • Bailey Teeuwe



EVAC JV2 Boys Roster


  • Jonathan Baker
  • Alec Blomquist
  • Joshua Collier
  • Toby Eddy
  • Andrew Goodyear
  • Seth Larson
  • Stephen Leavitt
  • Cameron Michaels
  • Luke Mosiman
  • Carter Nelson
  • Josh Thompson

Announcing the 15-16 Boys High School Basketball Teams

Boys Varsity:
Joe Caldwell
Caleb Clardy
Ben Davidsaver
Grant Frazey
Garrett Frazey
Ryan Kirmis
Mason Landis
TJ Malm
Cole Michaels
Morgan Rapp
Isaac Shapiro
Griffin Weiss

Boys JV1:
Garrett Benard
Jared Corneliusen
Colin Eggebrecht
Jesse Friedman
Chris Gallegos
Kaleb Leon
Jace Malm
Sasha Novakovic
Marcus Ruiz
Jacob Siroky

Boys JV2:
Tyler Ardiles
Zach Ardiles
Isaiah Carter
Ian Cary
Tyler Eggebrecht
Cayman Fender
Jesse Kisiel
Joe Lowery
Cameron Michaels
Blain Swallow
Bailey Teevwe
Andrew Witter

Congratulations to all! Go Eagles!

Announcing 15-16 Junior High Boys Basketball Team

Boys JH Blue:
Alec Blomquist
Jon Caldwell
Toby Eddy
Andrew Goodyear
Stephen Leavitt
Seth Larson
Ryan Miller
Luke Mossiman
Carter Nelson
Hayden Siroky
Mike Thomas
Josh Thompson

Boys JH Silver:
Josh Canode
Carson Carpenter
Nathaniel Ehmann
Josh Deakyne
Caleb Fender
Jacob Glandon
Daniel Keller
Dillon Larson
Jay Morales
Brayden Nail
Hayden Smith
Miles Spencer