Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball

Varsity Boys, JV Boys, Junior High Boys

Season: October- March

Tryouts for sports are typically 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the season and there are often conditioning camps available 1-2 months prior.

Cost: Approximately  $450-500 (Varsity) $350-400 (JV) $275-300 (JH)

Note: All costs below are approximate and can vary from year to year as they are variable costs that we cannot control.  We try to keep them as close to the identified range as possible.

Ages: Varsity (high school), Junior High: 14 and under


To receive information about EVAC Teams, please sign up for the Newsletter on the front page of our website. We communicate all events, including tryouts and camps through email.

For questions about our Boys Basketball Program, please contact us.


Varsity Boys 2016

Junior Varsity Boys 2016 (Team One)

Junior Varsity Boys 2016 (Team Two)

Junior High Blue 2016

Junior High Silver 2016